How to eliminate airborne transmission?

Photocatalysis-based air purifiers are simple generators of hydrogen peroxide gas. They produce hydrogen peroxide from the water vapor and oxygen present in the air itself. In photocatalysts a source of ultraviolet radiation ionizes metal oxides contained in a metal air permeable structure surrounds the ultraviolet lamp. The released ions promote the oxidation-reduction reactions that result in hydrogen peroxide gas. Hydrogen peroxide is highly oxidizing and therefore an excellent biocide. Simple or single-celled organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores have no protection against peroxide. Multicellular beings, otherwise, mostly generate hydrogen peroxide in the process of cellular respiration. Because of this we have enzymes that recycle hydrogen peroxide, such as catalase, using it in metabolic processes.

Photocatalysis is a natural process. It occurs every day when sunlight shines on the ground. Photocatalysis-based air purifiers therefore emulate a natural process, which maintains in closed spaces hydrogen peroxide concentrations likewise to those found in the cleanest places in nature.

The presence of hydrogen peroxide is the only known health safe process capable of impacting the aerial transmission mechanism of pathogenic organisms, fighting them as soon as they are emitted by a contaminated person. Hydrogen peroxide molecules penetrate aerosols by gas diffusion and immediately initiate the deactivation of the microorganisms present inside aerosols. Photocatalysis-based air purifiers are already applied in thousands of locations around the world: medical operating rooms, spaceships, on public transport, in commercial, residential, teaching buildings, entertainment venues, medical and dental offices. Think of a place where you want to clean the air and surfaces and apply it. Photocatalysis is available.

RGF Environmental, a brand represented by Dannenge International in Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean, is a pioneer in the development and supply of photocatalysis-based air purifiers.

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