We boast a diversified portfolio of manufacturers recognised for outstanding innovation and quality, and including some of the world’s biggest names in the HVAC-R sector.

RGF Environmental Group

RGF Environmental, a manufacturer of purification systems for air, water and food, offers more than 500 environmentally friendly, chemical-free products. Holder of the PHICell patent, RGF Environmental developed its Advanced Oxidation Technology more than 20 years ago, offering a range of products with photo-ionisation technology (PHI Technology) such as REME Halo, HALO LED, Caps, Guardian Air, Violeds and REME Ion, amongst others. There are more than 1 million RGF cells in use worldwide and the company has licensed its technology for a wide array of applications, from medical, food, military and residential to commercial, marine, hotel, government and public transport, to name but a few.

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IMI Hydronic Engineering

IMI Hydronic Engineering provides solutions for controlling indoor air quality and energy efficiency, applying advanced design and technology to balance and pressurise the various elements of an HVAC-R system through control valves and fluid quality. IMI creates a range of products to meet customer demand for constant and variable hydraulic flows – these include pressurisation and water quality, balancing and control, thermostatic control and specialised components of HVAC systems. United under the TA Hydronics brand within the umbrella of IMI Hydronic Engineering, the IMI Group also encompasses leading product ranges such as Pneumatex, TA and Heimeier.

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Goodway Technologies

Goodway Technologies manufactures and markets maintenance solutions for HVAC systems, facility management, manufacturing, power generation and more. The company develops products for installers, engineers and maintenance professionals with technology that makes routine maintenance tasks not only faster and easier, but also more safer and more efficient. Their products include duct cleaning systems, industrial vacuum cleaners, cooling tower maintenance systems, dry steam sanitation solutions, descaling systems, coil cleaning products and hose and pipe cleaning systems, in addition to a range of sanitation and disinfection systems.

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Kastt manufactures heat exchangers, air treatment and air conditioning systems. Since 2004, the company has been a member of the Vinci Energies Group, with extensive activity encompassing everything from the modernisation of industrial and administrative buildings, through traffic and communications infrastructures, to the development of energy networks. The group operates in 51 countries with products including rotary regenerating heat exchangers, enthalpy wheels, heat recoverers and air treatment solutions. Kastt also specialises in air conditioning system servicing, construction supplies and air treatment technology sets, as well as equipment for air treatment, air conditioning and water cooling.

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