We guarantee a competitive edge in cost, delivery, quality and technology

Together with our partners, we strive for sustainable growth, in compliance with international norms, standards and certifications.

For this, we represent manufacturers that offer products designed to improve air quality in climate-controlled environments and energy efficiency, for HVAC-R systems, with applications in various segments.

Commercial & residential

Meeting rigorous Quality Assurance International standards, we offer a range of products for improving indoor air quality in air-conditioned commercial and residential buildings, as well as reducing the energy consumption of HVAC installations installed in:

  • Commercial buildings and offices for public and private use;
  • Residential developments;
  • Shopping centres and retail;
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants;
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores;
  • Schools, universities and academies;
  • Public and private transport.


Certified by agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), we provide products and technologies to safely reduce the likelihood of aerial contamination in:

  • Public and private hospitals;
  • Health assistance establishments;
  • Offices and clinics in general.


The industrial sector encompasses a wide array of activities, ranging from processes that transform raw materials into consumer goods to service tools. We offer applied technologies for a diverse spectrum of sectors including:

  • Food industry and food service;
  • Chemical and textile industry;
  • Maritime industry, Oil&Gas.